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All you need to know

Need a Personal Plan?

Just ask! Our amazing support staff can help you out with all types of custom plans & pricing. Use the live chat feature to get an answer straight away...

Discounts on Annual Plans

The majority of our clients become long term customers. To align with this, we give you longer plans, which reward you with big discounts. You have the option to invest now, in something you'll need, and save alot of money over time.

Have Questions?

Our support staff are standing by most of the time, to answer your questions. Check down the bottom right of the screen to see if we're online...

Can I import my list?

If you've grown your list elsewere and would like to get setup with allContact, we can help get you moved over. We don't allow imports of purchased lists, the list must be your own. Ask our live support staff if you qualify...

What if I out grow my plan?

Once you've outgrown your plan, upgrading is just a few simple clicks within your account.

Are there any sending limits?

There are no limits to the amount of times you send. In certain businesses, some subscribers will prefer you contact them weekly, others daily. It's up to you & what you believe best suits your subscribers.

What kind of delivery rates can I expect?

We do everything in our power to ensure your delivery rates are maximised. From following best practices, to dedicated IP's & IP warming. The only thing out of our control is how much your subscribers like your emails. If your subscribers are "Marking as Spam" or not engaging with your emails, this is often seen by the ISP's as a vote. Your subscribers vote with their actions. We teach you how to get the best responses, maximize your delivery & remain a welcomed guest within the inbox.

What is required to meet anti-spam laws?

This is simple, contact only those which have asked to be contacted. Things like acting on unsubscribe requests, we take care of all that for you.

How long are contracts?

Contracts are month by month, or year by year. You're never locked in. You can always cancel & you wont be billed again.

If it’s not what I’m looking for, how do I cancel?

Cancelling is simple, just let us know! Billing will stop immediately. No excuses are needed, cancel any time.

Is the survey system part of every package?

It sure is! The only features which differ across the pacakages, are features specific to contact mediums. For example, Basic doesn't have SMS, so your unable to do anything related to SMS in basic.

Can I use allContact without a website?

You sure can. We host all your webforms & surveys. If you choose, you can grow your list with no website required.